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OnPoint Group in collaboration with MSA INVESTMENT Group a consortium consisting of Delta Engineering and West International. The MSA Group was established more than 25 years ago with combined expertise of more than 50 years.

West international is a wholesale trader and physical distributor of Petroleum, RUSSIAN MAZUT M100 10585/75, AVAIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54 JET FUEL, LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS, VIRGIN D6 FUEL OIL, BITUMEN 60/70 and their consumable derivatives. We use our experiences to support international Oil markets in relation with our refinery partners, retail customers and to our end-users.

We have strategically located our headquarters in the Gulf of Guinea, at the heart of the largest discovering of oil and producing region in the World. This allows us to expose consistently and efficiently in demand and available product. We are well-positioned to meet demand of sought after commodities.

In cooperation with West International Petroleum we provide our customers with an unparalleled comprehensive procurement experience at distinctly competitive prices. Our incorporated trans-regional delivery arrangement allows us to distribute consignment of refined oil products of the finest quality to many different parts of the World.

Our Objective

We think progress should be applied to a joint energy arrangement. We believe there should be the unification of interests and the combined empowerment of society as a whole. West International was set up on the principle that the human race ideology cannot resolve its energy concerns with the same approach that created them. The traditional and renewable source of energy concerns are constantly evolving and renewing themselves. Our objective is collaboration, diversification and the ability to deliver energy on every continent.

Our Philosophy

Our first objective over and over again is to guaranty our engagement through high accomplishment and offering the delivery of a personalized service. We at MSA DELTA Group endeavor to create working conditions that are encouraging and amenable to all parties. We continue to grow our business by establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with our employees, customers and users alike.

Our People

Each of our commercial achievements is a direct consequence of our employees dedication and professionalism. Each and Every single one of our employees works with the greatest of honesty and perfect professionalism.

Our Products

West International Petroleum (WIP) keeps encouraging the position on the prospect of energy production, storage space, and utilization comparative to the large scale population expansion. Additional ongoing investment in infrastructure and the increase in logistics and ability to strengthen our business philosophy.

West International (WIP) organizes rigorous quality controls on all stages of our supply chain to ensure the products & services we offer our customers comply with all relevant national and international regulations & legislation.

Product Sourcing

We have extensive logistical and storage capabilities around the world such as Rotterdam, and Lomé for efficiency of our distribution.


West International logistically, via its Shipping & Licensing arrangements supports our trade teams by supervising & organizing the timely distribution of cargo via pipeline & sea freight.


West International (WIP) organizes rigorous quality controls on all stages of our supply chain to ensure the products & services we offer our customers comply with all relevant national and international regulations & legislation.

Our Security and Procedure Protocol

offers protection with a dynamic framework plan thus reducing our ecological footsteps, whilst sustaining our operational honesty and prioritizing the health & safety of our employees.

We have established leading positions and strong relationships with producers and refineries thus helping us to place shipments even at times of over/under-supply. Our thriving business in Africa encompasses both significant exports and imports. In Asia, we are an active participant and we continue to grow our assets in the region. In China, we have developed a strong presence, growing business with private-sector refineries.